While there is no ONE PERFECT EXAMPLE for a resume, we can always make one to match the job requirements!


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SeeWee – Appraisal

How it works?

Send us your Resume on Email

Our experts will carefully evaluate your resume based on our pre-defined industry standards and parameters

Appraisal report is sent to you on email

What if the appraisal scores are low?

Don’t worry! we have the below line-up of AABHARAN’s, to create some magic in your resumes.

A good resume should be competency-based, providing a comprehensive listing of one’s education, certifications, research experience and professional affiliations. They are a very powerful personal marketing tool intended to showcase the candidate’s skills, notable achievements and work experience to the greatest advantage.

Here is how we keep them unique based on profiles:


We keep it simple and clean; because, remember the old adage “Quality over Quantity” still applies


Professional objectives are outdated! We instead put in a strong summary that grabs more attention


Every little detail counts; we organize the timeline to highlight your current skills and areas of expertise

Aabharan – Restoration

Need some expert advice to uplift details in your Resume? Or, planning to change your industry / domain? This is the right service for you, to either enhance or rebuild a competitive resume

Aabharan – Elementary

Basic text resumes, ideal for beginners, looking to start off their career on the right note. Highlights your education, internships, certifications, skill-sets and academic achievements.

AabhaRan – Illustration

A range of visual resumes, decorated with colors and widgets, to grab recruiter’s attention at first sight! Throw in your best photo, display skills in creative ways, highlight core competencies, exhibit career achievements and more.

Seewee – Cover Letter

Enhance your resume with a cover letter that best describes all your capabilities, matching your prospect recruiter / employer’s expectations!

How it works?

Product Selection & Payment

Expert consultation

Content and Design

Draft review



Let us help you build one – an ornament you can wear for your personal marketing!