Seewee is built for CVs

Let's face it. 90% of CVs look alike. What makes you different?

How we help people.

The process of putting together a résumé is like assembling a puzzle. We at seewee are help you to handily provides all the pieces for quick, effective and clever assemblage.

What we are all about

While it may come free to do it yourself to try your hand at résumé-puzzle-making, our premium package steps things up a notch, to include up to three pages for your résumé/CV, cover letter, simple fonts, customizable layouts, colours and themes, creative writing styles and backgrounds and specialized sections.

When you write a resume, you will probably start to think about yourself. It may lure you into thinking that what you’re writing is all about you – this can’t be further from truth.
On the other hand, It’s about how the company would benefit from you. It’s not about what you’re seeking. For example, if (what you can do) will help the company generate more revenue, they’ll look for achievements that come from ‘optimizing,’ ‘improving’ or ‘building.’

“A good resume tells your story and increases your chances to get that interview you’ve been waiting for. The services of SeeWee are tailored to fit the position you are applying for. Layouts are thoughtfully designed, without excessive fonts, colors and formatting”

 – Customer Feedback

While building your resume, we keep these things in mind:


Result Oriented

Easy to Read

Action Words

Creative Formats

Info Stacked Critically